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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Is this really too difficult for you to understand or is it an intentional strategy to waste my time?!?
No it's a strategy to show that you talk shit on numerous subjects.

You should change your name to Stupidgroup!
And you should stop being a dunce

I simply copy-paste the text, type it into the 4 “search” engines and make screenprints.
Yeah, I did that and the first 2 times it worked perfectly, you did it and failed miserably. Now the conclusion SHOULD be that you are a major failure at typing.....instead..

What your links show is that now my threads on my threads (also on Ronpaulforums) being blocked come up in the search results, but the threads are still being blocked.
They show no such thing - all search results have links that open normally. It must be you. Google has discovered that you are the bringer of shite and has blocked you

Did it ever occur to you that the settings on your computer/search engine may be at fault

Especially for you; after searching with “Emmanuel Macron Alexandre Benalla protesters Patrick Strzoda Bastille Vincent Crase Élysée apartment Paris Gérard Collomb Delpuech Gibelin violent Brigitte teacher school relationship Moroccan secret défense presidential security Karim Achoui Masonic Grand Orient”.
Did it ever occur to you that the settings on your computer/search engine may be at fault Your brain must be so locked into bullshit mode, that simple malfunctions don't occur to you. Google works perfectly.

Here, prime example.....

From the Letsrollturds forum, an idiotic Judy Wood thread....

Google search with this "...which is quite bewildering considering that her website is actually an enormous public database of important,"

Brought up this....

Quite clearly YOU are the problem, not google.
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