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Originally Posted by jewellerymaker View Post
DI touches on this theory breifly in the Biggest Secret. It also apparently happened to someone else, Major Michael Marman, who died in a car crash. The person driving the other car, Sir Peter Horsley, described his car as having '...a mind of its own...and crossed over into the opposite direction'. Randulph Fiennes, the famous explorer, (who was an officer in the Royal Scots Greys and attached to the....SAS!) reports on this incident in his book about The Clinic who murdered people while making it look like an accident. (In Michael Clayton, a whistle blower is killed by injecting under his toenail to make it look like he had a heart attack).

All this information is taken from DI's book, The Biggest Secret.

My opinion? - anything is possible.
Didnt David Icke also say that Alfayed was in on it - complete and utter shite if you ask me, the man fought for 10 years to get the terrorists that did this.
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