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A book printed in 2002 entitled," Princess Diana. The Hidden Evidence ", authors: Jon King and John Beveridge. Goes into great detail about the Diana's death.
The authors put forth the theory that the Secret service and the Royal family were in cohoots to get rid of her. The underlying theory being that Diana was related to the Stuarts i.e. the true English Royal family as opposed to the Windsors who are a German usurper line.
The true English Royal bloodline goes back to Jesus who was really a normal man who married a normal woman and had children. The Romans had him killed because he conquered Rome in an earlier battle and then later Rome had him crucified. Romans only crucified people for crimes against Rome not for blasphemy, for that he would have simply been stoned to death!
I read the book with interest, the only drawback I had with the authors writings was related to the fact that they pushed the Holocaust theory of 6 million people being killed. I would have thought with the vast amount of knowledge that they must have at their finger tips that they would know that the Holocaust was just another Zionist propoganda story, story being the operative word!!
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