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Originally Posted by sicknote View Post
Keeping that in mind the disappearance of the onboard computer chip from the "Crash S280" then makes a lot of sense. Steal the car, remove the onboard computer chip, replace the old chip with a new doctored onboard computer chip that allows another party to gain remote control over the car and tada...
If it was known that the chip was removed and replaced, i don't understand how it would have been known, given that the chip was replaced? If Mercedes were denied examination of the vehicle then how can it be ascertained that the chip was a duplicate / replacement item?

If the original chip had been removed then there must have been a chip there when the car was returned after the theft, the car wouldn't work without this chip - so how has the conclusion been reached to say the chip had been removed and substituted with a tampered item? I wonder why would they check this item?

And even if they did check, and if they could tell that the chip had been replaced, then why not simply replace it with a genuine and untampered chip?

Perhaps a better question to raise (in respect of the car) is why the failsafe rails that draw the engine underneath the car in a head on impact didn't work as intended (and as rigorously tested) - as the engine doesn't appear to have been guided under the car?

The Mercedes engineered safety mechanisms that helped preserve Mr Jones' life, incorporate the engine block being forced under the car and not into the passenger compartment following the tremendous force from such a collision as the one that occurred in the Paris tunnel that night.
I'd like to see evidence to support the claim that the car was stolen a few nights prior to the accident, as well as evidence to support the claim that the Mercedes was the only car available on the ill fated night.

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