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They weren't really reptilian they simply wore croc scale coats, snake skin belts, hats, dangles made of rattle snake tails and so on. This on top of the fact that they looked serpentine in appearance due to the long skull heads they sported which were 20 to 25% larger in cranial capacity than ours and had an additional cranial nerve, a 13th that humans do not exhibit made them look like lizard people.

When primitive people never seeing a horse before first witnessed men riding in on them they depicted them in their myths and their drawings as one being, not a man and a horse! They simply saw a strange creature quite intimidating ride by and interpreted it as some new strange creature they had never seen.

I suspect much the same occurred here with these snake priests which are reported to have sailed the seas with trader ships. These ones were feared and they often brought bad feelings because when they showed up some would die and be sacrificed or found to be criminal and so on and in new places where these snake priests had not been seen before by the primitives I don't see it to be that much of a stretch to see them interpret killing one of them as 'slaying a dragon' or in some cases slaying a giant because these were tall hominids compared to most they walked amongst.
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