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There seems little doubt that these giants were real .. Many reliable researcher have spent a lot of time on this subject....

Among the UFO community "reptilian" refers to a large group of different species. They all have rep. traits .... some will have a tail . horns , and stubby wings ... others will be more human looking ... they cannot breed between themselves , so the likelihood of them breeding in the normal way with humans , seems remote ...

Some reps are masters of genetics , and in the lab , would have created all sorts of creatures (as well as us) , not with the soul aim of mixing in their own DNA...

The giants (like the cone heads) may have been an attempt to leave a group of leaders behind for when the reps departed (in their UFOs) ... it seems they had some success with the cone heads who became the pharaohs for a brief time , but the giants quickly became extinct , probably due to the stress gravity produces in larger bodies.

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