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Default How could Reptilians mating with humans create super tall "giants" ?

The Nephilim - I know it means "mighty men/men of renown" but it also refers to a race of literal GIANT men. These crazily tall people are several times linked to being the offspring of the gods and men. What I can't wrap my head around is this : Given the creator gods were reptilian, and this race is around 6-8 foot tall , how did the sexual mingling result (a) in beings 10-14 foot tall and (b) the giant offspring are never to my knowledge represented as looking anything like a reptile ?

Yes, perhaps by genetic engineering this could happen, but the texts talk about actual MATING. I find it very odd that the resulting hybrid offspring would have no reptilian features whatsoever ? And be ridiculously taller than them.
This is a quandary.
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