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Original Trilogy: a phenomenon of unrivalled proportions due to the fanatical love of fans

Prequel Trilogy: a phenomenon of unrivalled proportions due to the fanatical contempt of fans

Sequel Trilogy (so far): a phenomenon of unrivalled proportions due to the fanatical hatred of fans


In the OT, Empire always gets the chocolates nowadays from most fans as being the best of the series, but I've always thought A New Hope (the original Star Wars movie from 1977 for the uninitiated) is the best by far.

To me, it is close to being the perfect movie - a simple, but classic plot, exciting, (mostly) fast-paced, funny, profound, with groundbreaking special effects that largely still hold up extremely well, and, in the end, good triumphs over evil.

The Prequel Trilogy is hilariously bad, because George Lucas wrote the scripts on his own, thinking he was a genius (the original Star Wars was apparently a clunker, until it was saved in editing if you believe the documentary about that on youtube), and the results were some of the most poorly thought out and executed plots in major motion picture history (not to mention some really dead performances from the actors due to Lucas's self-confessed weak directorial abilities). The sterile, soulless digital special effects looked horrible to me at the time, and have aged atrociously. A lot of sequences look like cartoons.

As for the OP's suggestion that the prequels made the 6-episode arc the story of the redemption of a child murderer, he makes a good point, I suppose, but if you believe in the possibility that anyone can be redeemed, then it isn't such a problem (though a single act of tossing an old man with lighting crackling from his fingertips down a reactor shaft hardly makes up for the wholesale slaughter of children and the destruction of entire planets! haha)

With the Disney Sequel Trilogy, I thought The Force Awakens had some decent moments and somewhat recaptured the spirit of A New Hope and the OT in certain moments, though from the time Maz Kanata was introduced, it went downhill. And overall, the plot was a cynical, almost beat-for-beat rehash/reboot of A New Hope, designed to get the fans back after the Prequels, which was disappointing. I did cry like a girl when Han Solo died at the end, though.

The Last Jedi was a SJW abomination, and the worst movie ever made, in my view.

If you want to tap into some of the best fan hate for this new Disney social-engineering of Star Wars, checkout comicartistprosecrets on youtube, and also geeks and gamers and worldclassbullshitters. The Fandom Menace strikes back!

Plenty to talk about with all the hidden themes and messages etc. in the movies, with the fact that the appearance of the original Death Star matches that of one of Saturn's moons, being the most obvious starting point:

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