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Originally Posted by luv evreone View Post
Hey guys. Good news. We have a Video maker now. We just need to create the content for them.

Coldinsomnia has kindly agreed to make the Vid. They were in the process of making a Vid before but haven't been posting OTT for a bit. There was a small series of misunderstandings last time they were here, and while they were resolved to the point of understanding this left Coldinsomnia pretty much outcast from the group.

Some people got the wrong impression that they were trying to take ideas and names (specifically Anders) offsite for their own ends, this wasn't the case, afaik. There was a dispute regarding invited FM's. This was about protecting the group and not shutting anyone out. If anyone wants to know exactly what went down then look back through their posts and the replies.

If anybody has a problem or wants clarification on anything then please say now?

Basically we need this FM onside. We need everybody onside. We need to all be onside. I don't want to cause any more issues here but feel whatever happened was overblown and we can move past it. We can invite another FM back who wants to contribute (through the Video thread) and get the project up and running. (We need to do it soon as we are running out of time to be ready for Jun 1)

Any objections then say now or forever...
There was never an objection from me. I agree that the incident was 'blown-out-of-proportion' but, in members' defence, we were still finding our way forward as a team without Anders around.

Heavens, we have little spats now and again - that's what happens in families. I am so glad that you have managed to bring Coldinsomnia back into the fold. We need all the skills, talents and volunteers we can get.

Now I can't help for the next couple of weeks - family visiting commitments. But don't think that my lack of posting/helping means I have fallen under a bus, taken the huff or lost interest. I am here for the duration.... even if sometimes I have to take a little bit of time out.
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