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Default Can you handle the truth

actualy it does not matter right now if you can or cannot handle the truth, the choice is you will fall victim and have to handle it, or you can stop being apathetic and in it for the conspiritainment, you can stop eating up the fearporn, and just maybe raise the awareness of what this stuff is all about, now logicaly speaking if special forces community is targeted by the real high tech stuff and targetted in a harsher way, then just maybe someone like me might just know a bit more than most others you have heard thusfar

i stand on what i say, i dont need a network of others to confirm what im saying is true, i can provide the documents, the public information as well as my hardcopys of the xrays, as well as these videos showing the disovable implants coming out.

you could also say that was part of my mission, prove that this is going on, find out why we have to many deaths,

example, it was unheard of to hear of a seal commiting suicide, and in light of the other things it looks very suspect.

a paranoid marine kills Chris Kyle and his friend.
3 marines die, murder suicide.
comander job price.
chris dorner,
that big helo crash

how many more that could be atributed to the very same implants they stuck in me.

a pilot implanted, a crash, a commander rather than homocide chooses suicide.

a marine implanted becomes paranoid and jeolouse.
another marine paranoid and homicidal.

i know what these implants can cause, how i survived, reason is my resiliance, my toughness, my emotional stability.

im a SPIKE, a jack reacher of a sort.

simple explanation, a spike is special prepared individual for key events,,,,,,,pretty broad spectrum huh.


DARPA's 'Transient Electronics' Will Disappear Anywhere

They already have developed this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darpa wants to create dissolvable spy hardware

Implantable stimulator system and method for treatment of incontinence and pain
screw common sense, i prefer Uncommon Sense.
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