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Originally Posted by hussellj View Post
cosmictramp - I've not read mine yet, but I will soon enough. This was more about the nature of which some of us who have it, came upon it.

After doing some "back reading" of David's books (notably The Biggest Secret again, for some clarity of detail) I was skimming through the "how it all happened" part of the tome, & Betty Shine's name stood out again. She'd not been uppermost in my mind for quite some time, but there she was again ...

ANYWAY, I was browsing through the books section of my local animal welfare charity shop, & discovered Mind To Mind on the shelf, just sitting there among the Penny Vincenzis & Jilly Coopers ... fate? Had to be. And not that I was looking for any slushy or racy femme-novels you understand, just seeing what was about. I am becoming somewhat of a book hoarder as I add years to my account ...

Just thought this may be an interesting tale.

A peculiar thing happened a few years ago too, when someone (I've never found out who) just popped Truth Vibrations through my letterbox & in the same month I was gifted I Am Me, I Am Free in a secret Santa sweep where I used to work ... with the original unexpurgated cover an' all!
Interesting tale indeed and one which carries a lot credence. I've a whole library of UFO books I've amassed from day trips via charity shops up and down the country when I've not even been looking for them. Which is probably as well, because they're thick, hardback , (ordinarily) expensive and discarded by a previous owner for a matter of pence. Makes my day when that happens. I can chart my travels from this or that book discovered in this or that charity shop, from this or that destination I'll probably never visit again, as if someone's leaving a paper trail. Also gives you something to read on the coach . I found several Icke books that way too. Somebody just gave me Icke's 9/11 book in a local library.

There's always about ONE ( book worth finding) isn't there ? You develop a sort of second sight in charity shops where you can scan through the shelves of Ian Rankin, Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins pulp in less than a minute and then home in on that one book that's worth adding to your collection. Library book sell-offs are worth looking into too.

Best find ever was little known tome called "The Boy Who saw True" - a non fiction diary written by a boy and later young man who could perceive psychic auras and more. Published anonymously after WWII, would make a brilliant film.

There's a place called Morley in West Yorkshire on the way to Leeds that boasts the highest concentration of charity shops in UK (21 all told) all next to each other. I think I got it down to 90 seconds per shop before moving on to the next one, like a tactical military operation ! Charity shops are about the only thing Bradford has going for itself now, too. Give yerself a treat Hussellj and get yourself up there !

Mind you, you've got the Haye-on-Wye Book Fest near you haven't you - so you're spoilt !

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