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cosmictramp - I've not read mine yet, but I will soon enough. This was more about the nature of which some of us who have it, came upon it.

After doing some "back reading" of David's books (notably The Biggest Secret again, for some clarity of detail) I was skimming through the "how it all happened" part of the tome, & Betty Shine's name stood out again. She'd not been uppermost in my mind for quite some time, but there she was again ...

ANYWAY, I was browsing through the books section of my local animal welfare charity shop, & discovered Mind To Mind on the shelf, just sitting there among the Penny Vincenzis & Jilly Coopers ... fate? Had to be. And not that I was looking for any slushy or racy femme-novels you understand, just seeing what was about. I am becoming somewhat of a book hoarder as I add years to my account ...

Just thought this may be an interesting tale.

A peculiar thing happened a few years ago too, when someone (I've never found out who) just popped Truth Vibrations through my letterbox & in the same month I was gifted I Am Me, I Am Free in a secret Santa sweep where I used to work ... with the original unexpurgated cover an' all!
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