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Why does it matter if he did? Because it's another historical fact that was a lie? He was the grandson of Lionel Rothschild and Maria Schicklgruber, who were the parents of Alois Hitler, Adolf's dad. Funny enough, one of the biggest contributors to WW2 were the Rothschilds, British based Zionists who were instrumental in the creation of the Balfour Declaration and therefore Israel.

Hitler was sent in to decimate Germany from within by placing them in yet another war they couldn't win which crippled the country for years. They also drove millions of Jews to Israel in the process. The Holocaust is a mega lie, and a lie that helped to hide the very real Holydomor in Russia where 15 -20 million Russians were slaughtered by Stalin's minions.

That's Adolf without a 'stache... he could've shaved that off, put on a tweed overcoat and fedora and walked out of that bunker. If he was ever actually there. He was an agent, and a Rothschild. That's his ticket out, not because he was a super genius and the AntiChrist. It was all bullshit then in regards to World affairs just as it is now. REGARDLESS of the untold historical records which we accept as FACT. It's that simple.
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