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Katy Perry is Adolf Hitlers' spiritual, alchemical Mengele-twin/ner daughter.

If you reverse wide awake she spells out Baphomet clearly in corresponding alphabetikkKs

B - they know I know all the rule$
three Abusive cats
they Pushed a loner
cehill Her vadas
it Opened My Eyes
Aaron Wrights happy, (wtf?)
u put stuff on me

she also talks about losing the war with Himmler, I'm a reveal all of USA Britney land's dirty little sekkkretz
Half of what I write is digested and impressed upon my subconscious ultramagnetic mind dispensary

The other half is rejected for a pack of greys to recycle and recode my dream state as a Organic temple of pleasures! OH How delectable! The pleasures of Hip-Hop, of ESP and transcending Baphomet's grid works!
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