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From what I remember, Dionysus made a whole river turn to wine.

"Dionysus provided mankind with a gift that was as important as Demeter's gift of grain. This was especially true for ancient people for whom alternatives to alcoholic beverages, like most modern recreational drugs and bottled water, were unavailable. Gifts from wine were

Liquid refreshment that also
Made water potable, and, not least important,
The truth that's found only in vino.

Dionysus' gift of wine had a price. He expected to be worshiped. It was his due. Proud and confident that mortals would realize the value of his gift, he was willing to give humans a second chance, but after repeated rejections, Dionysus took revenge on the mortal members of his family.
Euripides' The Bacchantes tells the most familiar story of the revenge of Dionysus. In it Dionysus is a wild, luxurious god, with flowing locks, who dresses and looks effeminate. The women who worship Dionysus, known as Bacchants or Maenads, leave their homes and husbands to honor the wine god during his festivals. They even abandon their newly born children in order to frolic in the forests. There, if engorged, new mothers suckle wild beasts -- when they aren't hunting and tearing them to shreds. But such revelry is tame compared with the spectacular events involving Pentheus and his mother."...

As for Jesus sayings, I think it was a parable.
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