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Originally Posted by roman piso View Post
You Read same Bible book over and over

This is a Poem, predates Gospels, and has a Moral, wIf you read it, you would know the Moral of the story
The moral of the story is that the teaching of Christ is false, even worse it takes that which is true and makes it false. I could agree to this. If we say that the uncreated, merciful God was adopted and sacrificed to the merciless and created God, then we are sure to go the wrong way.

But at the same time, we can say Jesus laid down his life on his own accord, contrary to the will of the created God, and stole his worship and offering. Thus making the containers of water, containers of wine.

I don't know if we do him justice calling him Christ, though. Might as well, for the sake of the Jews.

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