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If 5G really turns out to be as dangerous as some reports claim, the truth will out. It may take some time, but it will be exposed. The dangers of thalidomide, tobacco, sugar, etc. were all known about for years, but vested interests covered them up. But eventually the dangers could be covered up no longer.

There are grey areas where the benefits can be argued as outweigh the dangers - deaths and injuries caused by motor vehicles, nuclear power, agricultural chemicals for example. So maybe in 20 years time we'll have either realised the 5G health effects are largely psychosomatic, very rare, diminished by adaptive technology or a risk we're prepared to take.

Remember how many of us have had our lives directly or indirectly affected by road traffic accidents. No one is seriously trying to ban cars. Adaptive design has made them safer for all. The remaining dangers we reluctantly accept...

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