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Who's gonna read stuff from "Activist Post" or any other alternative thinking media news website?. Noone. If it's not covered in any mainstream news media then Joe Public will not want to read about it, nor will they think it's a trustworthy, reliable source of information. They're gonna think it's bullshit made up by idiots.

Even if concerns of 5G get mentioned in the MSM, it's usually played down somewhat, and they make out that its just a few random, rare cases.

I don't know whether I can trust this Mark Steele dude; is that even his real name? it sounds like a made up name to me. Too many people in the alternative use these silly fake or anonymous names, and if they're genuine then why use a fake name? Are they scared the govt are gonna come knocking on their door?.

At the end of the day, whether we like it or not, whether it's dangerous to health or not, it's probably likely 5G will be rolled out, same goes for smart meters. There's just far too much money to be made off of it. I agree with Mark Devlin that, once it's rolled out it will be impossible for it to be reversed.

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