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Originally Posted by techman View Post
The problem is, is getting through to peoples thick skulls of what these meters are really doing, or could be doing. But people will just come up with lots of excuses to try and pursuade you you're just being paranoid and are listening to crap you've seen or heard on the internet that has no basis in evidence or fact.

Just the other day me and my brother were driving down the motorway for a short distance, and I noticed he was driving slowly. I said why, and he said because of the cameras. So I started to mention about how these smart cameras on motorways aren't there for what are told, but he insisted that's rubbish and that they're there to reduce accidents because of the amount of vehicles on the roads. I then said "don't you think that's all been created to be like that so they can bring in this system?". He just couldnt grasp what I was trying to convey to him. Everything about smart this and smart that is about gathering more private data, but people don't seem to be able to understand that or imagine this could be happening, especially with utility meters in their homes. Just look at the amount of CCTV there is in the UK. Imagine for one second those images of people recorded are stored and harvested on some database; imagine the extending this further by having increasingly every inch of your movements surveiled, to the point where it's in the comfort of your own home. What the ultimate plan is behind this I don't know. Mark Devlin believes this is part of the transhumanist society we are heading towards, merging humans with technology.
Edit: I know I'm going slightly off topic here, but I feel it's worthy of the discussion somehow. But today I was travelling to a place by bus that I don't normally go to, and via a bus company I don't regularly use (not as that really matters I suppose). I got a return, day rider ticket thing, and on getting back on to return back I showed my ticket and this young driver stopped me and asked me to place the ticket (a regular ticket not a pass or anything like that) on this scanning machine; the I noticed the ticket had one of those strange barcode things which I've never noticed on any ticket I've bought before), but he seemed insistent I scanned my ticket on it; I asked him what was this for and he said "so it knows you're on the bus". I got a bad vibe about that. Whatever is going to be next?. Strangely I never noticed anyone else having to do the same whilst boarding with their tickets. Even OAPs and other passholders now have to scan their passes everytime they get on, yet not so long ago in the past this never was the case. More excuses to database peoples information and keep a tab on what they're doing and going. We need to put an end to it.

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