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Smile from a relieved Volcania listener

MANY THANKS - yesterday I tried the volcania radio facebook page, but all I got was a page telling me I had to sign in to facebook! I am very relieved and look forward (like many others I'm sure) to hearing the great Richie Allen (and I really do mean that!) back on the EXCELLENT Volcania Radio. I really must add that it does not surprise me that Richie and David are good friends. Although Richie is a very genuine and modest man, just as I consider David to be, Richie is the absolutely PERFECT man for this job, because of his modesty and sincerity. Hdoes not behave or speak as though he 'knows it all' (although he must be learning at an exponential rate from the amazing guests he has already interviewed. Well done Richie, and well done Volcania Radio (you must try their coffee) for having the forsight and intelligent commonsense to have Richie as your presenter. Keep it up all of you, and may Volcaniainternational and volcania radio continue and go from strength to strength! I shall continue listening nightly, and am on the verge of being converted from a tea-drinker to a coffee-drinker!
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