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Angry Volcania Radio

didn't know where to post this, but this seems as good as anywhere! WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING TO VOLCANIA RADIO?!!!!! No information anywhere that I can access - maybe it's all explained on Fakebook, but I am NOT on Facebook (and never will be!). (maybe those of you who don't mind being constantly spied upon on 'fakebook' will have all the info about why a brilliant and seemingly successful, radio show has suddenly gone off-air with no explanation for its many loyal listeners!). If anyone cleverer and more knowledgeable than I am has more information, please could you post it here? Or perhaps VolcaniaInternational (purveyors of fantastically good coffee!) might do us the courtesy of telling us what the hell is going on! I am having feelings of 'deja-vu' - is volcania radio going the same way as ';the peoples voice'? PLEASE LET EVERYONE KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!
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