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I'm not a PiDer either, used to consider it but i don't think the Billy Shears replacing original Paul could ever work convincingly n terms of surgery (what we are supposed to believe). There are subtle differences between many photos of Paul throughout the years, and it's possible it's because we are looking at twins. And I know people will scream "Paul never had a twin..his brother his Mike, and if he did we'd have known about him and people who grew up knowing the family would have known there was a twin".

One thing that bugs me regarding The Beatles is that there seems to be very few photos of them when they were growing up. As far as I know, no photos exist (in the public domain at least) showing them at school. Everyone has at least one class photo, (there are Elvis class photos you can find), but I haven't come across any showing Paul or the others. That maybe nothing important but it is abit odd if you ask me.

The most curious facial observation between "the two" for me is the eye brow shape and style. Alot of publicity photos - and some film footage, show Paul with quite prominent arching brows which arch over his eye, yet at other times they are quite relaxed and straight. Even when you show expression in your face like smiling or laughing, I don't think your eye brows can change shape like that. Unless he shaved his brows and stuck on fake ones.

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