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Default Got a Flu....a bad one!

For twenty days now I've had an ass kicking Flu....(twenty days) with no relief in sight.

The third day I was taken by ambulance to the ER, cuz I could not get out of bed or move on my on (cost me $2,250). Steroids and Flu pills were prescribed. Steroids were given because the Flu was so bad I couldn't breath.

Anyway, I took the meds, they lasted about five days. They didn't do shit. I go to my primary care doctor, and tell her, I need antibiotics, as antibiotics worked so well for me two years ago when I had the Flu. The Quack doctor said, "no, I had a viral infection, not a bacterial one".

Reasoning with this quack doctor gets me nothing nothing. I guess this is just more signs of a decaying civilization where no one can do the job they are contracted to do?

A few hours ago, I set down with the clinic manager to go over the events of the last 20 days. We were on speaker phone with some smart ass punk claiming to be a "patients advocate".

The stupidity got to me. I came unglued with rage! People were hiding, people were shaking.

About five or ten min. later police showed up and escorted me out of the building.

I live in the US. Can anyone think of a way I can by pass the system and cure myself with antibiotics or a similar facsimile? It's not like I am trying to buy Heroin or anything like that.

I am serious, I am hurting!

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