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Ok, There is a tumulus made out of the same material as the pyramids nearby, same blockwork and shapes, there are many impossibly large blocks being used. The assumption is that it is part of the pyramid complex.

Near what we are assuming is the entrance to the tumulus I took this photo in which an orb can be clearly seen. I have hundreds of photos of these things around the sites and underground. Some are small, some are large, round or shaped in many diff ways. Some are white and some show different colours.

Ok, this here in my mind proves giants existed. This grave was at the top of the tumulus, it is marked by a headstone and a footstone. The fence is a later addition for protection, and to remind ppl they arent just random stones.

Also, i learnt today that the military had been operating on top of the sun pyramid for many months in the 80s and 90s. Now at the top is a lot of smashed up concrete. My guess is they used explosives to see if they could gain access. I have no idea if they were successful or not. There is something they want to hide up there because its the one place we do not have permission to excavate. So as it stands, the only possible access we have is possibly through the underground tunnel system. It could be years before we get close to the sun pyramid. So far we are about 1.2km away. Our rate of moving through the tunnels is roughly 4-5 m a day.

Right, some observations Ive made about the tunnels. Everyone who goes into them feels energised and uplifted. People working in them for the last 10 days have observed ailments disappear. These tunnels are very very special. Meditation within the tunnels is very strong too.

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