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Originally Posted by PerceptionDeception View Post
I wouldn't word it how you worded it, but one must be vigilant of a change of any nature, as it can invite dangerous circumstances if treated with complacency. I wouldn't go as far as to say I am afraid of change, but I'm skeptical of a sudden shift towards this behavior and indeed alcohol isn't just "booze". Its genuinely mind altering harmful stuff when misused.

More lives have been fucked by alcohol than "crazy LSD".

Anyhow, thanks for the attempt to belittle my concerns as if they're insignificant.
That's it see it negatively. Just trying to help you. You seem timid to me. You need to get out more. I've had great times on booze. Most people will not react badly to it. Your fears are an illusion. If we were talking about crystal meth it would different.

The connection between Icke and 9/11

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