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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
I would think thats not true. If they are drinking, plus at school, its likely they will be joyful with drinking.

Plus i doubt misery likes company is true. Most people whom are miserable, are not panting for company, like extroverts, and happy people. Happy people, will always want company more then miserable people.

So for me, i doubt that saying has any real basis in reality.
The saying is applicable to drinkers pressurising non drinkers.

People pressure me to drink when they have ailments that are contributed to drinking that they constantly moan about.

To me a drinkers life looks pretty miserable and they are always complaining about what a drunk did to them or what they did the night before or they can't remember and are asking people to remind them how bad they were. Or how sick they were or how bad a head they have.

I just came back from a night out with drinkers and it's like an alzeimers party (except that party would be better as they remember stuff in better detail even if its from the wrong era)
I have conversations with them they can't remember three minutes later.
They dance on tables and fall off and push people around, spill drinks and
shout and fall over, people vomiting in the toilets
and then they ask you for a lift and offer you to give others a lift too...
(cue I hastily exited while they had still forgotten that conversation ever happened)

Even at a young age when they talk about drinking they are complaining about how some girl this boy wanted to date has got drunk and got off with her mates boyfriend and she denied it ever happened so all the girls don't want to talk to her anymore and she hates them back meanwhile the video of her snogging her friends boyfriend is going viral round the school and she finds out that she is the slag she denied being and now the boy doesn't want to date her.
Meanwhile the boys photo of his balls has also gone viral round the school and is being used as a group chat image...

Sorry but to me that doesn't look like fun...looks like misery wants they can laugh at you instead of them.

I danced, I had fun and I'll remember tomorrow what happened and that I didn't offend or upset anyone...
my friend who'd been out drinking the night before sat in a corner and moaned.

Happy people aren't drinkers I can assure you - they wake up and smile.
I never once woke up and smiled as a drinker.

If you are socially awkward drinking may make you think you are a happier person as it numbs your true feelings about life and what's happening around you.

How can you be awake while you are numbing your senses and clouding and damaging your brain and organs on purpose?

How can you love yourself and poison yourself?

You are selling a happiness poison?

I've never known anyone in the history of alcohol that became a happier person because they drank.
I've known plenty of people who destroyed their own lives and the lives of those around them from drinking though.

You are advocating a poison to a youngster - it has already had an adverse effect on you if you think it makes you happy .... that is sad and delusional.
Misery wants company.
Misery lies.
So do alcoholics.

Change the phrase to
alcoholics are miserable people that want company to make themselves feel better about how miserable they feel by watching someone else be more miserable than them
that fits too
but it's too long

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