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Originally Posted by polyhedron View Post
Basically an elite is an entity that cannot be harmed. Suppose you tied a member of the elite to a stake and lit a fire under them. You may hear screams as the entity burned to "death" but the entity would feel nothing but joy.

If you dragged Hilary Clinton through the courts, she'd giggle all the way to the execution chamber and love every minute of it. The elite WANT us to punish, torture and burn them. It turns them on. That's how twisted they are. Their agenda for world domination is all about them being defeated so that they can enjoy the ride to the bottom.

The answer is, don't defeat the elites. Our problem is not them anyway.
Sounds harsh and somewhat wrong as well.
IMO nobody enjoys either being tortured or indeed executed.
Don't believe me?
Then try this quick and simple poll on your friends.

Which would you prefer. ( Choose one).
A: Being tortured and then executed.
B: Enjoying a night in with friends plus a good box set, pizza and lots of wine.

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