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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
Looking at the statement "Jews run the world" logically it does not imply that all Jews are complicit. It's basically short for saying Jewish elements are running the world. I have never said that by the way although I think it is obvious these Jewish elements have tremendous power. I wouldn't think the Bolshevik Revolution was so much better than Tzarism.
But its more than just "Jewish elements" run the world.

This is the false flag. "Jewish elements" are one piece of the pie. A large piece yes, but still one piece of the overall puzzle. Focusing entirely on one piece is an intentional trap set by the controllers themselves.

The United States is the primary mover and shaker of the NWO.

Long before the purported "Jewish takeover of America" the secret society networks which came out of secret societies like Skull & Bones and other freemasonic offshoots were fully in control and setting down the foundation of the NWO. Skull & Bones became the OSS and then the CIA.

The CIA controls America and policy, not some appointed banker. They operate outside of the government covertly and use black market trade to finance their operations The CIA eliminated JFK. They represent the old money oligarchs and can eliminate anybody who gets in their way, including some Jews who "want to take over" If this truly were the case and TPTB were not on board with any of this, these Jewish bankers would all have been eliminated, easily.

The Rothschilds were Knights of Malta. They were subservient to these secret society networks. They were the visible front for the conspiracy. The scapegoat to take all of the blame.

The elites gave us the Rothschilds as a popular conspiracy meme. I will be covering this in later posts.

The Knights of Malta run the CIA.

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