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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Elvis, Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, etc where shut up?, makes sense in some way, plus Elvis we know, after his stint (or maybe deliberate forcing?) into the army in 1958 was all planned so that he could be changed, which of course in a way was what happened to him, or rather his image and music after he returned back home in 1960. I don't know about Little Richard and Eddie Cochran (although Coichran's accidental death in the UK is abit suspiscious), to me they were just regular rock n roll stars of the time and very big ones at that. I heard Elvis was alleged to be a pedophile (I think I heard Mark Devlin mention this in a talk which is on youtube, and, as far as I know, he's the only researcher who has claimed that: don't know where he gets his information from), so not exactly a good guy.
Elvis got drafted, cut off his hair, and went to Germany for two years, after that it was all movies and music for old ladies. Eddie Cochran -- he died. Chuck Berry was arrested and jailed for illegally transporting a minor across state lines -- he gave a groupie a "ride" to the next town on the tour -- but she was white. Little Richard was homosexual... he wound up getting married, gave up music and became a preacher...??? Jerry Lee Lewis was embroiled in scandal after marrying his 13 year old cousin, he was 19. Buddy Holly and Richie Valens went down in a plane crash at the end of 1959. You know? They were all effectively done, and so was that music -- until the Beatles. Elvis a pedo? He started a relationship with Priscilla, his future wife, when she was 13 or 14, and her parents signed guardianship of her over to Elvis so she could go and live with him until she was old enough to get married. Pedo? In all fairness, he married her and she still runs his estate. I've never heard of him doing anything but getting with women like Ann Margret, Natalie Wood, various beauty queens.... his last girlfriend was 20, but she was more like a companion; after 1973 until his death, Elvis was allegedly so incapacitated he couldn't have sex.

Originally Posted by techman View Post
I think the hysteria around Elvis was also a little manipulated and staged, although you didn't need to be Einstein to know why girls went crazy after him (unlike the Beatles who were ordinary looking men with silly mopped hairstyles; Ringo attractive?, what with that whopper of a hooter of his?, you gotta be joking, typical scouse inbred lol). Elvis on the otherhand oozed looks and seziness and talent, there's no question about that, but The Beatles were the opposite, nothing to shout about, which imo is what the manipulation or fake hysteria was all about, making average looking people with little or no talent into pop stars and seeing if people go mad after them. There's a fairly well known piece of archive film of girls going bonkers over photos of Elvis (maybe at a gig), and to me that footage looks rather fake and staged, much like the fans going crazy over the Beatles whenever they went somewhere.
Teenagers are easy to manipulate, are easy to "sell" to. All they had to do was show them how folks went crazy over a certain artist a time or two, arrange for 10 or so girls and boys at a gig to start going ballistic, and everyone else follows suit. Jim Morrison said he studied how to manipulate crowds, the psychology behind it, how to get the desired effect.... as for The Beatles, they were ordinary, but there was a chemistry and a balance to how they all looked together, and that was the trick. If you remember, it wasn't four separate guys at first, it was JohnPaulGeorgeandRingo. It was a coillective. Then it was "who's your favorite?" and they were all given "personalities". John - smart Beatle. Paul - cute Beatle. George - quiet Beatle. Ringo - funny Beatle. They basically told these kids how to like them, and yes, created the whole thing around them. And it's a gamble, it is putting all the ducks in a row then hoping for the desired effect -- in this case, it far exceeded expectations I'm sure. Look at what they accomplished with that one band. The blueprint.

The Monkees were just too close to the truth of the situation.
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