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Originally Posted by kiwi_ View Post
Those are also studio photos paired with unflattering outdoor pictures where he's making a different facial expression and has his hair styled differently.

From the same photoshoot.

See what I mean about angles and facial expressions etc.

We both agree that Paul can look vastly different from some pics to others though?

I would like to strrip away all the fallacies of the PID theory, there are a lot. They have fudged some things to make their point. I want to work with what's left.

I had to give some ground to the PID theory, because I noticed something that I explained away as 'Paul must've had plastic surgery" -- but there are pics where you can say "No, that's him, it doesn't look like that". Some pics look like plastic surgery, some don't. Some look much different, some the same. LOTS of different looks for Paul but no one noticed any differences with the other three, regardless of fashion or facial hair. Just Paul... tangible differences. You sort of said the same thing above. I had to acknowledge "It seems they used a stand in for McCartney a time or two...for whatever reasons..."

Iamwhoiam said;

Maybe it was a symbolic death and rebirth into the knowledge of the mystery schools or secret societies.
And I believe that's part of it too. Paul did sort of "disappear" from public view end '66 until the beginning of '67.

And Paul was still showing Crowley's image on the big screen behind him during his latest concerts. Not significant by itself, but combine the Beatles history with Jimmy Savile, and the need to include Crowley on Sgt Pepper... Something freaky going on. "iamaphoney", who is behind the Winged Beatle series, says in an interview posted earlier in this thread that Paul was the man pulling the strings there.

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