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Omg, like what? I'm very curious?

Gayatri Mantra begins from the word aum whose meaning and significance has been explained in Mandukyopanishad. The word ‘Aum’ is in itself a hymn which is also called ‘Pranava’. This word contains three letters A, U, M. The letter A represents the cosmos, the body of Virat Brahma. When subtle Brahma (Supreme Eternal Being) manifests or projects himself into vast universe which can be visualized by the mind or by the senses it is called Virat or Vaishvanar. In this shape, magnificence of God is fully reflected. The letter U stands for intellectual design of creation, the totality of all subtle subjects and Brahma possessed of subtly differentiated creation is called Hiranyagarbha (also Sutratma or Prana) where every being is in the illumined shape of self-born sperm and foetus. The letter M stands for Saguna Brahma or Ishvar where Brahma described also as Omniscient and Omnipotent Being is the Creator, the Sustainer and the Destroyer of the world. Thus all the three letters combined together give description of God in three different ways.

Letter M
M is the numerical equivalent of 13/4 and represents transformation. This letter has a great deal of self confidence and is therefore likely to achieve success. It is also an industrious letter that can be somewhat of a workaholic. Negatively, M can be hasty and quick to anger.
...and....last but not least

Hieroglyphic M

There is also a thread on this forum, but it descends into a Madeleine McCann discussion...

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