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I know exactly what he means and I am not too keen on disclosing too much just yet I have been letting bits out at a time. The revelations when they come to you are just strange as if they are your own thoughts but they are definately far removed from the sort of thing that you would want to be thinking about. I havent been through the shell suit thing and doubt I will but there are things I just know about and when I am not busy sitting down having a quiet moment no distractions, I start "seeing" ahead (I wish I could see next weeks lotto numbers) so I keep myself as busy as I can, I dont want to look but I cant help it I have to understand. I dont understand all of it until it falls into place. Its like its me being there and making the plans for the "further developement of humanity" but at the same time its as if I am listening in! I dont know if its remote viewing or clairvoyance or whatever it is but its as if I have to make the changes.....does me fkn head in sometimes.
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