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Talking You have my gratitude and support

I discovered your work just over a year ago. I knew there were things going on behind the scenes, just not the extent. Found you through Jane Burgermeister's work. Your work connected all the dots for me, all the way through the spirituality. I read Children of the Matrix, Infinite Love, I Am Me, I Am Free, And the Truth Shall Set You Free, and Human Race... I admire you so much for your work; you do what's right, even in the face of great opposition. I can identify with that. Just remember what you told us: follow your intuition. Another teacher once told me that sometimes the thing we think we've been looking for may not be the first one which shows up. "There may be many prototypes first". This has always stayed with me and helped me remember to check in with my heart before leaping. If you ever come to Maui, I'd be honored to be your tour guide.
Love, angel

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