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I think David Icke is a genius!!

I think he is awesome!!

He has kept me very much entertained over the years with his humour.

He has kept me inspired

He has literally smashed my brains in with his books when I first got into his stuff.

He is an incredible public speaker with a vast amount of knowledge at his disposal

I really like him as a person, not just a researcher.

I think his life story of going from Footballer to Researcher via spiritual awakening, purple tracksuits and the Terry Wogan show is a mindboggling thing for him to have gone through.

He is a very nice fella as proved when I met him at his politcal talk in Hull.

I first heard of him in 1998 when i read the biggest secret, loved him ever since!

''I was introducing the snooker at the time'' - David Icke

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