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Originally Posted by starshine View Post
If you are going to support Icke, fight his corner in fringe forums now!!!
He needs the words of support and to tell the others why we are Ickesters.
Still having my run in but then again it is predictable!

Totaly agree Starshine concidering theres 40,000+ members

and at time of posting this thread has had 46 replys & 1,295 views! (not all of which will be registered members) but it dose say a lot!

i linked the link to this thread to about 80 odd people! most of which haven't took the time to reply, they have been online since or are online at the moment (you know who you's are! )

ide love to know how many posts are made in a day!

every person who uses the forum, should just say thanks to the man, wheres the infinate love now? wheres the we are all one?

concider this: what if Mr Icke pulled the plug on the forum?

Thank's again Mr Icke!

NOTE: maybe the mods can sticky a link in todays news too

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