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Originally Posted by screamingeagle View Post
why would good ETs protect us......why our civilisation is important for outer space.......
Benevolent ETs would want to protect helpless life forms (us) from open tyrannical invasion.... Just as we would want to stop bullying among children....

Originally Posted by screamingeagle View Post
this world is inflitraded with reptilians and their servants
that's faild protection imo
....But at the same time they understand it's not best to interfere too much .. so it's a balancing act .... the particular ET group or alliance decide when they will give active assistance ....
It's a bit like if you had a 16 year old son. You would try to protect him from muggers and street gangs , but too much assistance would make your son into a helpless weak individual ...

We do have a world where reps do not interfere Directly ... their servants (Illuminati) do have some control here , but these are humans manipulating other humans , so good ETs have very little justification for interfering.

Originally Posted by screamingeagle View Post
... from what i gathered we are important to the reptilian entities cos we are food to them
Partly for physical food .. Mainly as allies in helping control their vast empire .. this is what the NAZI dark fleet is doing now, fighting alongside the reps in exchange for tech assistance ....

But the reps are only one group . The situation is very complex with thousands of different ET groups taking an interest in us , each with their own agenda.
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