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Lightbulb Joint Test Force

Experimental Test..

F-84 during ZELL testing..

The ZELL Program began with a launch of an F-84G in 1955..The primary advantage of a zero-length launch system is the elimination of the need for a vulnerable airfield for takeoffs..Each test utilized a USAF fighter mounted on the back of a flatbed truck and had a rocket motor attached to the airframe..ZeLL held the promise of getting nuclear-armed combat aircraft airborne in the event that airfield runways were rendered useless due to enemy attack..Once airborne, a pilot was expected to fly to the target, deliver his nuclear weapon and then fend for himself..

You think they saw us eject?..

Zero-length Launch Program, Indian Springs, NV in 1958..

USAF reprised the ZLL concept in 1958 with the F-100D Super Sabre..The United States Air Force, the Bundeswehr's Luftwaffe, and the Soviets' VVS all conducted experiments in zero-length launching..The Soviets' main interest in ZELL was for point defense-format protection of airfields and critical targets using MiG-19s..The American tests with the F-84s started with using the Martin MGM-1 Matador solid-fuel boost motor of some 240 kilonewton (52,000 lbf) thrust output..All works upon ZELL aircraft were abandoned due to logistical concerns and the increasing efficiency of guided missiles...'s been in the family for years..What seems to be the trouble, Captain?.I fired 3 bullets..3!..One for the hunting sign, one for the tin can..and one for the little man who's lying in the grave..You're not supposed to bury bodies whenever you find them..It makes people suspicious..Next thing you know they'll be televising the whole thing...
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