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Arrow Carry on Bombing

My name's Muggins..

Gulf War (208 of 374) - Desert Storm..

B-52G Stratofortress s/n 59-2593 of 4300 BW(P): during a Desert Storm mission, on 3 February 1991 sustained a technical fault and crashed into Indian Ocean, 13 miles north of the island of Diego Garcia - C/n / msn: 464356 - Officially the crash was blamed on electrical failure, but there are rumors that combat damage was responsible..3 crew members ejected safely, 3 others ejected out of the envelope and were killed..

Checkmate to Aggression..

The 3 survivors were: Aircraft Commander, Capt Kevin Kent - Co-Pilot, Capt Jeffrey Love - Gunner, Sgt Steven Ellard - The 3 crew killed were named as Radar Navigator/Bombardier Captain Jon Jeffrey Olson - ejected below safe ejection minimum altitude and killed..Body Not Recovered - posted as MIA - Navigator 1st Lt. Jorge I. Arteaga - ejected below safe ejection minimum altitude and killed..Body Not Recovered - posted as MIA - Electronic Warfare Officer 1st Lt. Eric D. Hedeen - ejected below safe ejection minimum altitude and killed..Body recovered in an inflated life raft..

Broadcast (New Zealand): 4th February, 1991..

Gulf War (Tape 207 of 374 ) Operation Desert Storm..

The 465th Bombardment Group is an inactive US Air Force unit..Once in Italy the 465th was assigned to the 55th Bombardment Wing of Fifteenth Air Force - The 465th Bombardment Wing is an inactive US Air Force unit..Originally activated in 1953 as the 465th Troop Carrier Wing, it moved to Europe where it served as a theater airlift unit until 1957..It was last assigned to the 57th Air Division of Strategic Air Command at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia..The 465th Bombardment Wing was inactivated on 25 July 1968 and B-52Gs were transferred to the 28th Bombardment Squadron, 19th Bombardment Wing when the 19th was moved up to Robins AFB from Homestead, Florida in a designation-only move - At the 2016 Auckland local elections, Bill Ralston contested the Waitemata and Gulf ward of the Auckland Council... I was wondering whether they might find it a trifle spartan them being such delicate and refined girls..I mean, rules are like, arbitrary, you know..Made up for people who believe in fairy tales like, you know, like Satans Claws..Hey, but not us, right?.I mean, we know what's important..There's a war going on, man..A war..Ain't that a Itch?..
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