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Lady Be Good..

Swiss Miss..

Memorial Wheelus AFB circa 1967..

Lady Be Good was a USAAF B-24D Liberator that disappeared without a trace on its first combat mission during World War II..The plane, which was from 376th Bomb Group, was believed to have been lost – with its nine-man crew – in the Mediterranean Sea while returning to its base in Libya following a bombing raid on Naples on 4 April 1943..The squadron was part of the 376th Bombardment Group (Heavy) based at Soluch Field in Libya..The plane, which was one of the last to depart, took off from Soluch Field near Benghazi not long after 3 pm..Almost immediately, high winds and obscured visibility prevented it from joining the main bomber formation so it continued the mission on its own.. Lady Be Good flew back alone from Italy on its return trip to its home base in Libya..At 12:12 a.m. the pilot, Lt. Hatton, radioed to say his automatic direction finder was not working and asked for a location of base..The plane apparently overflew its base, failing to see the flares fired to attract its attention.. It continued into the interior of North Africa deeper into the Sahara desert for the next 2 hours.. At 2 a.m. the crew parachuted to the ground as the abandoned Lady Be Good flew a further 26 km (16 mi) before it crash-landed into the Calanshio Sand Sea..They contain dunes up to 110m in height: these lie in a roughly north-south direction and were created by the wind - Jack Paar quit his job as host of The Tonight Show on NBC..

GHOST BOMBER: - Armstrong Circle Theatre War Mysteries..

The aircraft flew on a 150 degree course toward Benina Airfield..The craft radioed for a directional reading from the HF/DF station at Benina and received a reading of 330 degrees from Benina..The actions of the pilot in flying 440 miles into the desert..The first reported sighting of the crash site was on 9 November 1958 by a British oil exploration team working for British Petroleum (BP) in the northeast of Libya's Kufra District.. On 27 February 1959, British oil surveyor Gordon Bowerman and British geologists Donald Sheridan and John Martin spotted the wreckage 710 km (440 mi) southeast of Soluch, following up the first sighting from the air on 16 May 1958, by the crew of a Silver City Airways Dakota, piloted by Captain Allan Frost, and another on 15 June ..Although the plane was broken into two pieces, it was immaculately preserved, with functioning machine guns, a working radio, and some supplies of food and water - Lady, Be Good! is a musical written by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson with music by George and lyrics by Ira Gershwin..

The wreckage Lady Be Good in 1958..

In February 1960, the US Army conducted a formal search of the area for the remains of the crew..5 were found (Hatton, Toner, Hays, LaMotte and Adams) on February 11..The team concluded that other bodies were likely buried beneath sand dunes after finding evidence that at least 3 of the surviving crew members had continued walking northward..With the news that 5 bodies had been recovered, the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army started an expanded search called Operation Climax in May 1960..The joint operation used a USAF C-130 cargo plane and two Army Bell H-13 helicopters..The next body to be found was by a British Petroleum exploration crew. They found the remains of Staff Sergeant Shelley on 12 May 1960, 38 km (24 mi) northwest of the recovered 5 bodies..A U.S. helicopter found Technical Sergeant Ripslinger on 17 May 1960.. His remains were located 42 km (26 mi) northwest of Shelley over 320 km (200 mi) from the crash site but still 160 km (99 mi) from Soluch airbase...These 2 bodies were the only ones found during Operation Climax..Another British Petroleum oil exploration crew discovered the remains of 2nd Lieutenant Woravka in August 1960..His body was then recovered by the U.S. Air Force..The only crewman not to be found was the lastgunner, Staff Sergeant Moore..A diary recovered from the pocket of co-pilot Robert Toner recorded the crew's suffering on the walk northward..It indicated none of the men were aware they had been flying over land when they bailed out..Speculation concludes the empty desert floor in the darkness may have appeared like open sea..The 8 surviving crew members walked north because they believed they were fairly close to the Mediterranean coast..As they walked, the group left behind footwear, parachute scraps, Mae West vests and other items as markers to show searchers their path.
The diary also says
the group survived for 8 days in the desert with only a single canteen of water to share..The musical opened in the West End at the Empire Theatre on 14 April 1926, again starring Fred and Adele Astaire...It played strongly there, running for 326 performances... companies move in mysterious ways..Much like God..only far less generous..I don't know what your practical navigation's like, but mine's not bad..I also told you it would require an outstanding pilot to fly it..Gentlemen, I have been examining this aeroplane..Now, if you'd like to have a look at my calculations...
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