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A World War II film "A Guy Named Joe" included some footage filmed at Luke..
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The 56th FW is composed of four groups, 27 squadrons, including six training squadrons and trains more than 700 maintenance technicians each year..The base population includes about 7500 military members and 15,000 family members.. With about 80,000 retired military members living in greater Phoenix, the base services a total population of more than 100,000 people..

Air Education Training Command..

During World War II, Luke Field was the largest fighter training base in the Army Air Forces, graduating more than 12,000 fighter pilates from advanced and operational courses earning the nickname, “Home of the Fighter Pilot”..During the years of World War II, more than 17,000 pilots trained at Luke Field, making it the largest single engine advanced flying training school in the U.S.. More than a million hours of flying were logged, primarily in the AT-6 Texan, along with some transitioning to P-40 Warhawk fighters and later the P-51 Mustang and P-47 Thunderbolt..Soon after combat developed in Korea, Luke field was reactivated on 1 February 1951 as Luke Air Force Base, part of the Air Training Command under the reorganized United States Air Force..Fighter-bomber training began on 1 March in the P-51 Mustang, being replaced by early-model F-84C Thunderjets..Effective 5 March, the 127th was redesignated as the 127th Pilot Training Wing.. For several years, the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project at Sandia Base, New Mexico, had provided all atomic biological, & chemical (NBC) warfare training for the Air Force..On 25 May 1953 the 3600th Air Demonstration Team was officially organized and established at Luke, still officially carrying this designation, now known as the United States Air Force Thunderbirds..The unit was reassigned to Nellis AFB, Nevada on 23 June 1956..During the 1960s, thousands of American fighter pilots left Luke to carve their niche in the annals of Air Force history in the skies over Vietnam in the F-100... did what?..I volunteered..I dropped out of college, and told them I wanted the infantry combat..What needs does he serve by killing?..It's not the same on film is it?...
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