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Arrow Base Number 4

Tell me, what was your impression of Pilate?..

The soldier who saw the lance thrust into his side...

Government knows all about it, right, Mac?..

In the summer of 1984, Lajes undertook a new mission known as "SILK PURSE." Boeing EC-135s began operating out of Lajes Field as an airborne command post for the U.S. Commander-in-Chief, Europe..Along with the aircraft came the U.S. European Command battle staff and flight crews from United States Air Forces in Europe..In 1990, Squadron 303 is disbanded..Lajes supported the large airlift during the Gulf War..The resident Portuguese 711 Squadron was deactivated on 30 November 2006..Its primary mission was Search and Rescue..Lajes provides support to 15,000 aircraft, including fighters from the US and 20 other allied nations each..The geographic position has made this airbase strategically important to both the United States and NATO's war fighting capability..Lajes also has hosted B-52 Stratofortress and B-1 Lancer bomber aircraft on global air missions, and also supported many routine NATO exercises, such as the biennial Northern Viking exercise.. Portuguese news agencies reported that both governments were in discussions for a new agreement that could allow the use of Lajes for the training of a impermanent F-22 Raptor squadron..On June 27, 2012, an airplane carrying Premier Wen Jiabao made a 4-hour stop at Lajes during which time he toured the island; the base sits in a strategic location midway between North America & Europe in the north Atlantic Ocean..

What's that?. Is that the Blair Witch?..

The British Prime Minister Tony Blair & Portuguese PM José Manuel Durão Barroso at Lajes Airfield, 17 March 2003...

On January 31, 1951, a Douglas C-54 Skymaster operated by the Portuguese Air Force crashed into the sea while approaching Lajes Field, having taken off from Lisbon, Portugal, killing all 14 on board - On August 9, 1954, a Lockheed L-749A-79 Constellation operated by Avianca crashed 3 minutes after take off..It flew left into the hills instead of right towards the sea, killing all 30 on board - On October 10, 1956, a US Navy Douglas R6D-1 Liftmaster transport on a Military Air Transport Service flight disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean during a flight from RAF Lakenheath, England, to Lajes Field with the loss of all 59 people on board - During the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Lajes Field also supported U.S. airlift missions to Israel, highlighting the importance of the U.S..Air Force base at Lajes - On September 3, 1976, a Venezuelan Air Force C-130 Hercules crashed while attempting an emergency landing during Hurricane Emmy.. On final approach, a wind gust slammed the aircraft into a hillside, killing all 68 people aboard.. Most of the passengers were members of the student chorus of the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, traveling to Barcelona - On February 4, 1998, an Antonov 12BP operated by Air Luxor crashed on take off when the number 3 engine shut down & feathered..The plane then veered right, stalled and crashed into a hill killing all 7 on board - A small Swiss-registered plane has crashed near a Lidl supermarket in Tires, just west of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, killing 5 people..The plane had been en route to Marseille..It crashed after take-off from a local airfield..The cause is not known..Tires is about 20km (12 miles) from Lisbon... thought it was an enemy but it was only their own reflection, the acceleration of history is the job of ruthless wo/men..acting tough in a gang..Because they are cursed with envy and cowardice...
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