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Default THe world has gone mad!!!! ANd human race.

Originally Posted by grandmasterp View Post
Life is what one makes of it.

I disagree. Humans are too lame. IT is just freak'ng LAME.

Cant I find just one phucking person

to be a companion

with and do normal things who isnt a poor skank or drunk and who is on my wave lenghth? And NOT stuck in drama?? NO!!!

Humans are phucking lame. LAME i say!!!! LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insane in da membrane!!!!!

OMG, i just went to Wal Mart, and you should see the 'CREATURES' i saw. Wow, ya , the mean reppies must be making babies rh + to rh + making pure skank-
humans that is for sure to b the majority on planet earth. The good greyz are trying to better planet earth.

But there is a war going on and seems to me the reptilian -abducting -groups of them are winning for sure. Just look around.

--Making pure human skanks skanker and skanker to keep being a slave race on planet earth.

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