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Originally Posted by engelsblume
Yeah, I don't like the new forum either. This one has soul and character. And so much good info! New one will never be as good. Plus, the new one is ugly looking.
Ya I didnt mean to make Gareth mad by my comments above but I guess I did cause he wont reply to my PMs...... I am trying desperatly to save this site. I think its aweful he has decided not to run it anymore and I offered to do it........

We need this site.... THIS IS A CRUCIAL TIME.... WE NEED DAVIDICKE.COM/forum

Please Gareth dont take this down.... Keep both going... Those who wanna stay here can....

PLEASE MATE!!!!!!!! -- This is the BEST site of its kind...... I KNOW YOUR TIRED BUT PLEASE RECONSIDER..........

We welcomed you here with open arms years back....... We dont wanna lose this place!!
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