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Some evidence the rivers are being robbed of oxygen.

Fish are dying in droves in ponds, lakes and rivers all over the US. I'm sure it's all over the world, but I'm going to concentrate on the US for now..

WEEKS BAY, Ala. -- Dead menhaden were reported washing up near the Weeks Bay National Estuarine Reserve on Thursday, but the fish kill does not appear to be due to oil pollution, reserve officials said today.

Hot weather and a lack of oxygen in the water is the most likely cause of the kill, a reserve spokeswoman said.

Low oxygen? Nothing to do with oil though.. :whistling:

The several hundred Channel Catfish found dead between the Harpers Ferry, W.Va., area of the Shenandoah River and Great Falls on the Potomac River likely succumbed to a bacterial disease brought on by a rapid increase in water temperature, low oxygen levels and natural environmental stresses at end of their spawning season, said Chris Luckett, natural resources planner with the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Low oxygen? :whistling:

LONG LAKE, Wash. -- Hundreds of dead fish are floating in Long Lake in Stevens County and neighbors want to know what's killing them.
Marcie and Paul Norstadt live along the lake and first noticed the dead fish as they washed up on their beach on Friday.
Most of the dead fish are large carps, known to be bottom feeders. Officer Bob Weaver with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife met up with the Norstadt's to get a first hand look at the fish.
Officer Weaver believes the fish are dying from a lack of oxygen, as most of the dead fish are found tangled in large pockets of vegetation.

Low oxygen... :whistling:

Two local ponds have been plagued by scores of dead fish in recent days -- leaving residents and wildlife officials speculating as to what happened.
The first fish kill was reported Friday in Garfield Park, where fishermen were upset by the stench left by hundreds of fish corpses -- including two huge Asian carp.
The second kill happened in Bloomingdale, near Westlake Park. Local resident Kirk Steinbruecker described what he saw Friday to the Daily Herald.
They were all over, in the lake and along the shores there," he said. "I've never seen anything like it."
Officials suspect recent cold rains may have stirred up oxygen-poor water in the Garfield Park lagoon, killing scores of fish that had been recently stocked.

Low oxygen..... :whistling:

Darrin Johnson
Residents in Slidell spotted dead fish floating ashore on Lake Pontchartrain on Friday, days after oil from the BP spill was first spotted in the lake
"It's pretty obvious this is some sort of low oxygen event that has occurred," said John Lopez of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. "It is awfully fortuitous we are seeing this low-oxygen fish kill (after oil was discovered) just two days ago on the lake.

Again, low oxygen....... :whistling:

MEDINA, Minn. -- Some lakes are not as appealing as they should be this time of year.
There's a combination of things causing hundreds of dead fish in Metro lakes.
"The algae, instead of producing oxygen, they actually resperate, like we do, and are actually using oxygen," Barten said. "They are reducing the amount of oxygen available in the water and the fish have less for themselves. That's enough of a stressor to start seeing fish dying off."

Hmm, must be, you guessed it, low oxygen... :whistling:

So, what's causing the low oxygen levels, other than excessive heat and rain.

I had to go to a foreign news story to find any truth...

When a number of dead fish are found in one place, the incident is referred to as a fish kill, and there is significant reason to suspect pollution. The three main causes of fish kills are poisoning, disease, and suffocation.

Read more: Fish Kills - water, environmental, pollutants, United States, types, causes, industrial, toxic, Poisoning, Disease, Suffocation

Don't you think these government funded schmucks who jump on the "it's completely natural" bandwagon would do a little investigation. Is there a sewer leak? Is someone dumping chemicals in the water? Or.. is someone dumping chemical in the atmosphere, which is also killing birds, bees, trees, plants, people?

Is this a grand conspiracy to keep the public in a "deep sleep" while they take weeks to get test results back? One has to ask, what did these experts do in college. Play X-Box?
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