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Default We r all living our incarnations at SAME time

Originally Posted by maxine View Post
I've just re-read what you said, and should've asked........did you mean Humans growing up to be like the Reptilians.......or mean something else?

If you listen to Delores Cannon we are all living all our incarnations at same time. So for instance I have already been a mean reptilian and nice human so there is no reason to be THAT again. I am living both those entities, lives , NOW.
So the OP, if she/he has never been a reptilian before can be one in her next life.
I can be another reppie in my next life too but it will be the NICER GENTLER type of reptilian. Maybe i will be a nice-female reptilian the next time around.

Maxine what incarnations are you living now? I know human. What are the others?

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