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Default Corns and callouses developing on the feet

Corns and callouses developing on the feet

These are a sign of prolonged bacterial/fungal infection of the feet, and should be treated as such, by in each case by treating the whole foot with particular attention to the affected areas and underneath the toenails.

Do not attempt to cut or remove the callouses, they will go of their own accord once treatment is completed. Treat each day morning and night with baking soda or Apple cider vinegar foot baths, or alternatively treat with ACV or apply a paste to the whole foot comprised of baking soda in magnesium oil. Treat as long as necessary each day until problem has ceased.
Try to avoid getting wet or sweaty feet - and if you do, then wash, dry and treat again.

Magnesium oil: I make it myself at 1:2.7 elemental mix (to do this mix 1:1 of water and dead sea flakes in pan on stove until warm and flakes have disappeared into the water - do not boil -, take off hob and add 1.7 of the original amount of water again, and leave to cool) 1kg flakes will give you around 3 litres of oil at this mix.
A magnesium foot bath will always help in addition to treatment -tip the flakes into the warm water and stir.

ACV in glass bottle: For foot bath, tip either ACV or baking soda into the warm water and stir.

This will raise the ph of the skin on the feet and in doing so, start to kill off any bacteria or fungal problems.

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