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Originally Posted by derekbuttery View Post
and once again the fanboy takes the stance of his messiah... WHERE HAVE I SAID THE ROCKS ARE FAKED? WHERE HAVE I SAID THEY WERE MANUFACTURED?
You useless person. You've asked the same question a dozen times asking why not and had it answered a dozen times why not. Like the big troll you just ignored the dozen answers!!

if you're interested, in how basalt could be harvested without the fucking stupid assumption it's going to be 'earth weathered' : ooh!, look it's not weathered when it's formed, how inconvenient!!
Basic basalt without the same ratios of elements as lunar rocks, ZERO solar isotopes, no solar wind exposure, no zap pits, no indication of formation in lower gravity, no damage from solar weathering. Let alone the brain numbing obvious age of the damn thing......duhhhhhh.

Even basic basic basalts can't be faked. YOU ARE USELESS

your messiah ........

I'm out.
Whoopie do, fat chance. You've contributed nothing to this thread or the flat Earth one where you turned it into a smutfest. Bye

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