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Originally Posted by juttkeys View Post
Yep and you're like a broken one....

how many times has the reason we cant manufacture moon rocks been explained??

now how about you explain how they do manufacture them then...or at least point us to someone/anyone who does explain how they are manufactured because I cant seem to find anyone who does??

burden of proof is not mine I asked a question, and worded it several different ways. gave a coy example of how the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man can be made (this was ceased upon like a nurse treating a mosquito bite when the patient has fucking malaria!!), and also how we have (some in abundance) the base elements here on earth that is on the moon. now you and you're leader just choose to ignore the fact that rocks have been "made" and reconstituted for millenia, and geologists even go as far to state that a new 'geology' will be formed from man's interference with said topic...

leave this stuff to the non-knuckle dragging beings amongst us, why you go and get high again
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