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Well - you've all gone down in my estimation when you argue about IQ levels on David Icke's Forum ha ha
I can't believe you all fall for that scam...

Lets take a look at the people that have the supposedly highest IQ in the world.

William Sidis - IQ 250 to 300 - highest IQ in history.

Went to Uni at 11 and suffered socially , had no close friendships. (Not that I see that as a problem but some people see that as not very intelligent for someone who was interested in politics - not being able to socialise would hold him back in the career he wanted)

A life marred by legal trouble after participating in socialist movements, put in a mental institute by his parents for his political beliefs. (Not so clever)

After that he gave up maths and academics and lived a normal life.
Until 46 when he died from natural causes.

And it's a test made up to get you to pay to join the mensa club (cult) or whatever - it's a scam.

Intelligence shouldn't just be about how good you are at maths.

Other highest IQ's - what did they achieve? Maths, maths, teaching, chess playing,
advice columnist, painter, chess again, more maths, books on theories...

So what does a high IQ bring you that a low one can't?

What does it do to help society?



Maybe compare the size of something else if you want to impress......

Or maybe they really are the most intelligent people on the planet - and the key to using that intelligence is to
do NOTHING and change NOTHING.

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