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Originally Posted by JayCiro View Post
Anyone wanna try calculate the odds of being caught up in two mass shootings, both of which were at Country music concerts? Good luck with that!
Someone on another forum has...

Here's some hard data, working out the exact odds of being caught up in one of these 'mass shootings'.

According to, there have been at least 462 people killed and 1312 injured in 353 mass shootings this year, which is already more than the 383 people killed last year.

They define a mass shooting as one in which four or more people are killed or injured, which is a broader definition than the government has used. (Compare that to the 30K or so people killed in auto accidents each year.)

According to the Census Bureau, the U.S. currently has a resident population of 322,367,564, giving me a 0.00000143% chance of getting killed in a mass shooting this year by the broadest definition.

[link to (secure)]


Thus, being generous, we can presume that the odds of being in TWO mass shootings would be approximately 0.0000000000071%.

The odds of this many people, all being involved in another mass shooting... hmmm, so X50 or so?

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